This dish is the stuff that food blogs are made of. Photogenic and fancy.

The dish in question is steak tartare, topped with herb and crudité salad, and surrounded by dollops of horseradish emulsion on the plate. The tartare is refreshing.

A photogenic meal

Photogenic actually describes the whole of The Grounds, Alexandria. As for fancy, the whole of The Grounds might better be described as industrial chic, and carnival like, yet easy going. The Potting Shed is one of many food outlets here - some are sit down restaurants like this one, others are take-away. There’s a lot of greenery including a large communal table in a garden with a fountain for the take-away crowd. There are many, many flowers in pots and old pieces of bicycles for decoration. You feel like you are wondering around cobblestone lanes as you follow the signposts, and explore. From markets, a lemonade stand and fresh flowers, to resident farm animals, they can all be found here. The resident pig, Kev, gets taken for walks by staff. There’s chickens and, as of recently, Bert and Ernie, two resident goats.

I have left this post at one picture for a reason. If I go above one, I think the pictures will go on forever. It’s a fun place whatever your mood might be on the day. If you ever need cheering up, this place will do it. Just be sure to beat the crowds.