This is a guest post in Malay by a friend. We went out to eat at an Indonesian restaurant with a big group, and this is our experience. I tried grilled chicken with rujak sauce, satay chicken peanut skewers with rice cubes and combination shaved ice with durian, a fruit with a strong flavour. It was my first taste of Durian!

Shalom Indonesian Restaurant

Shalom. The word used by the Jewish people when they meet or part. In Bahasa Indonesia, the word ‘Salam’ is when people greet each other. Shalom. Salam. The utterance, usage, and meaning are similar - peace.


We ordered 2 dozen chicken satay skewers for sharing and each of us ordered a quarter chicken meal with rice. There are lots of choices on the menu and the fried chicken comes in all sorts of different flavours. I chose the Shalom fried chicken because the spiciness level is 5-chillies, and on that night, I was craving really spicy food (like any other night).

Our food came not too long after we made our orders. I was a little disappointed because the presentation of the food wasn’t that great. However, when I started eating, everything was forgiven. It’s not big on presentation but big on taste.


Satay Chicken

We ordered ais campur durian (shaved ice with durian) for sharing because some of us have never tried durian before. I love durians, but it’s an acquired taste.

Durian Dessert

We all enjoyed the food and the laughter we had that night. Each one of us had at least made a new friend from a different ethnic background or country. Perhaps we can achieve world peace with delicious food like that from Shalom.