What is a doughnut anyway?

Doughnuts are made of dough, like the kiflice, cinnamon rolls and burek which have also featured on this blog.


So to start off with definitions - dough is a thick, malleable, sometimes elastic paste made out of any grains, leguminous or chestnut crops. Dough is typically made by mixing flour with a small amount of water and/or other liquid, and sometimes includes yeast or other leavening agents as well as other ingredients such as various fats or flavorings.

The process of making and shaping dough is a first step to making a wide variety of things, like breads, biscuits, cakes, cookies, dumplings, flatbreads, noodles, pasta, pastry, pizza, piecrusts, etc.

Doughs are made from a wide variety of flours, commonly wheat but also flours made from maize, rice, rye, legumes, almonds, and other cereals and crops used around the world.

A doughnut, then, is a type of leavened fried dough.

Whether a doughnut is a pastry is not clear - it seems it has to do with adding fat to the dough!

That delicious doughnut at the start of this post came from this famous Berry Doughnut van:

Berry Doughnut Van

But there are so many other doughnuts out there, say these from Lukumades:


Or this Berliner from German Bakery Luneburger, which I remember growing up with in Germany:


Anyway, maybe some other delicious dough item will feature on this blog!